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The Modern Truck Team

Chris Carey

Founder -

I believe the real competitive advantage in any business is the people. At MAP we constantly strive to do two things:

1. Staff our pit crew with great people who embody our core passion and values.
2. Give them the freedom to be awesome.

This has resulted in an exceptional customer experience and what I believe to be the best team in the business. We look forward to helping make your automotive dreams become reality.


Kyle Nelson

Co-founder / VP of Manufacturing

Nate Evans

VP of Customer Loyalty


Dan Carey

VP of Marketing


Bill Tschida

VP of Operations



Aaron Johnson

Customer Loyalty Manger

📧 Email Aaron

📞 Ext #109

Leo Vishnyak

Customer Loyalty 2nd Shift Manager

📧 Email Leo

📞 Ext #107

Adam Neujahr

Wholesale Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Adam

📞 Ext #100

Miguel Garcia

Returns Manager

📧 Email Miguel

📞 Ext #111


Zach Spars

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Zach

📞 Ext #124

Chris Fristed

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Chris

📞 Ext #118

Kevin Boeselager

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Kevin

📞 Ext #116

Tony Roubal

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Tony

📞 Ext #112

Eric Dizon

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Eric

Ruigi (Rui) Baring

Customer Loyalty Specialist

📧 Email Ruigi


Jim Thompson

Fabrication Manager

📧 Email Jim

Max Odegaard

Research and Development

📧 Email Max

Alex Wolner

Engine Machining Manager

📧 Email Alex

📞 Ext #122

Derek Peterson

CNC Machinist

Jose Ascencio

Floor Manager Fabrication

Andrew Kojetin


Aric Schnase

Engine Machinist / Performance Tech

Nam Nguyen

Mandrel Bend Tech

Dawson Grinager


Matt Corniea


Daniel Saxton

Kitter / Fab Intern

Hector Wesley

CNC Machinist Assistance

Blake Goodmanson


Devin Breckle


Mykel Havlik

Mandrel Bending Assistant


John Blocker

eCommerce Project Manager

📧 Email John

Adam Runnoe

Marketing Specialist

📧 Email Adam

James Cirkl

Front-End Web Developer

📧 Email James

Erik Blume

Media Specialist

📧 Email Erik

Matt Rogers

Data Specialist

📧 Email Matt

Shawn McArthur

Website Product Manager

📧 Email Shawn

Tyler Mumm

Social Media Specialist

📧 Email Tyler


James Anderson

Logistics Manager

📧 Email James

Mason Nobello

Fulfillment Manager

📧 Email Mason

📞 Ext #102

Kurt Thomas

Logistics Lead

📧 Email Kurt

Mitchell Bjurquist

Fulfillment Specialist

📧 Email Mitchell

📞 Ext #115

Dan Hamdorf

Channel Manager

📧 Email Dan

📞 Ext #123

Chris Amundson

Marketplace Customer Service Manager

📧 Email Junior

Matt Ulrich

Vendor Relatio

📧 Email Matt

Nathan Her

Marketplace Customer Service

📧 Email Nathan

📞 Ext #108

Michael Merrell

Logistics Specialist

Joe Long

Logistics Specialist

Joe Howard

Logistics Specialist

Devin Luckman

Logistics Specialist

Gavyn Meyer-Hansen

Logistics Specialist


Mark Handlos

Finance Manager

📧 Email Mark

📞 Ext #126

Heather Carey

Human Resources Dir. & Culture Specialist

📧 Email Heather

📞 Ext #125

Mike Carey

Reconciliation Specialist

📧 Email Mike

Kayla Henderson

Accounts Payable

📧 Email Kayla

📞 Ext #120

Naomi Keeling

Billing Associate

📧 Email Naomi


Daelen Snow

Director of Business Development

📧 Email Daelen

📞 Ext #117

Kyle Larkin

Business Development Tech

Brian May